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Sarana Konstruksi

we have grown into a dynamic and diverse construction company, delivering sophisticated projects across a comprehensive portfolio including commercial shophouses, industrial warehouses and commercial retail mall.


Sarana Konstruksi


Komplek Grand Puri Niaga Lt.1, Jl. Puri Kencana No.3L
Jakarta South Kembangan 11610



Sarana Konstruksi adalah perusahaan konstruksi yang berlokasi di Jakarta Barat, Indonesia. Sejak 2014, Kami telah berkembang secara progresif dari titik awal mulai sekarang telah menjadi perusahaan konstruksi yang dinamis dan menyediakan layanan beragam untuk berbagai macam proyek-proyek yang unik dan menarik dari kebutuhan para klien kami. Dari menyediakan jasa konstruksi mulai dari bangunan rumah tinggal, ruko komersial, gudang industri, dan mal ritel komersial


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Jakarta (; Indonesian pronunciation: [dʒaˈkarta] , Betawi: Jakartè), officially the Special Capital Region of Jakarta (Indonesian: Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta, abbreviated to DKI Jakarta) and formerly known as Batavia until 1949, is the nation's capital city and the centre of the largest metropolis of Indonesia. Lying on the northwest coast of Java, the world's most populous island, Jakarta is the largest metropole in Southeast Asia, and serves as the diplomatic capital of ASEAN. Jakarta is bordered by two provinces: West Java to the south and east; and (since 2000, when it was separated from West Java) Banten to the west. The Special Capital Region has a status equivalent to that of a province. Its coastline faces the Java Sea to the north, and it shares a maritime border with Lampung to the west. Jakarta's metropolitan area is ASEAN's second largest economy after Singapore.

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