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Noble Portable Toilet Rentals

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Noble Portable Toilet Rentals


1045 S Santa Fe Ave
Pueblo CO 81006


(719) 781-5649

Noble Portable Toilet Rentals, located in Pueblo CO, offers high-quality portable toilets for construction sites and events. Our hygienic and reliable portable toilets are perfect for any event or job site. Noble Portable Toilet Rentals offers a variety of options, including standard units and ADA-compliant restrooms. They also offer handwashing stations and other sanitation solutions. Our team of experienced professionals will deliver and maintain well-equipped portable restrooms, backed up by exceptional customer service. Contact us today for reliable portable toilet rentals in Pueblo, CO


About Pueblo

In the Southwestern United States, Pueblo (capitalized) refers to the Native tribes of Puebloans having fixed-location communities with permanent buildings which also are called pueblos (lowercased). The Spanish explorers of northern New Spain used the term pueblo to refer to permanent indigenous towns they found in the region, mainly in New Mexico and parts of Arizona, in the former province of Nuevo México. This term continued to be used to describe the communities housed in apartment structures built of stone, adobe mud, and other local material. The structures were usually multi-storied buildings surrounding an open plaza, with rooms accessible only through ladders raised/lowered by the inhabitants, thus protecting them from break-ins and unwanted guests. Larger pueblos were occupied by hundreds to thousands of Puebloan people.



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